Friday, April 9, 2010

CGOA conference and Tom's building

Yesterday I registered for the Knit and Crochet Show, which is the National conference of the CGOA and the Regional conference of the TKGA. It's held in Manchester, NH this year in July. There are a few classes that are now sold out. This is like the Lilth Faire concert for Crochet. A huge assemblage of designers who's names you know along with so many passionate stitchers. This is a great opportunity. Check it out. I'm going to take as many classes as I can... really. When else do you have the opportunity to learn new things directly from the national leaders in the industry? Very, very cool.

Tom took us for a tour of the building he is working on. It's still under construction so we got to don safety gear. 2010 Halloween costume problem solved! (Really, did you think I could get through an entire post without an exclamation point?) LOL.

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