Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer Blues Baby Dress question

Yesterday, Vivian had a question about the skill level of the Summer Blues Baby Dress (yesterday's post). The dress is really pretty easy. The bodice is made twice (a front and a back). The bodice is made with all single crochet stitches. Increases are made with 2 sc in the same st. The shoulder seams are sewn. The trickiest part is attaching the skirt to the bodice. It is crocheted on as the skirt is made. In the PDF, there is a detail photo of the attaching of the skirt. The skirt is all made in sc, hdc, dc, (I don't think there are any treble stitches in it) in the back loop only. The edgings are all crocheted on when the skirt is done. I would recommend, if you are on Ravelry and considering making the dress, look up all the projects others have done. Read any notes they have made regarding the dress. I hope that helps!


dottykatz said...

I enjoy your blog and beautiful crochet projects. I've been meaning to comment for some time. Chief reminds me of my son with his big old grin for the photos. We have photos with the same expression. I work for a large engineering/construction company in California and was surprised to see the Turner hard hats on your family. Keep up the good work, it's good to see your projects and home. Some day when I don't have so many WIPs I hope to CAL.

Vivian said...

Thanks, Ellen, for giving some advice on the difficulty of the pattern. It looks like one I could make. Will order soon. Also, I love seeing pics of Charlie, as well as the kids! And hearing about your family adventures as well as your life as a designer.