Saturday, May 2, 2009

Infant's Hat and Mittens Set

Revealed! Infant's Hat and Mittens Set, in the.... Chain-Free Crochet Made Easy book! Really, if this book doesn't do well, I'm going to take it personally! (haha), Of course if it has record sales, I'll have to share the credit with many other fantastic designers like Tammy Hildebrand, Marty Miller, Lisa Pflug, Katherine Eng, Bendy Carter, and many, many more. This hat, by the way, was a precursor to the 'Chullo Hat and Gloves' pattern from Interweave Crochet, Winter, 2008.

Thanks everyone for the comments on the blog. I just love the comments and read them all before they are published. I wish there was an easy way to respond to each one like email. Still, I love, love, love the comments. Thank you.

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Sara said...

I'm curious about this Chain free Crochet. I'll have to take a look. Adorable hat and mittens.