Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catching up....

There is a rumor going around that one of my designs has been spotted in a Leisure Arts booklet called, "All for Baby"., but since I can't see the inside of the leaflet, I can't confirm it. I have had one sighting from a reliable source, so maybe I can reveal it soon. Above, is Chickee and Chief. Chief chose his own clothes and I thought he did a great job considering it takes major fighting to get him to wear something with a collar on it!

Here is me and Captain. It was brighter out than it looks, so I'm sure we are wincing at the sun and nothing else!
Can you take a guess who this is? This is my twin! haha. It's my brother, Ken. He's got 3 years and about 8" on me. I'm wearing 4" heels in this photo. We totally look like we belong in the same family, doncha think? Too funny, I used to have a photo of Ken and me in my dorm room in college, if a guy stopped by that I liked, I would explain that Ken was my brother, if I didn't like the visiting guy, I would tell him that Ken was my boyfriend! It was kind of an ongoing joke.

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