Friday, May 22, 2009

Flashback 2003

Look at this old photo I found of me and Chief in 2003. In the midst of the hardest of the baby days. Our kids are just 19 months apart. In this photo Chief was probably 8 mos old and that would have made Chickee about 2.5. This is about when I started designing. How did I find the time? Note the crocheted sweater I'm wearing. Probably the first successful garment that I ever made from a pattern. I found the pattern in the old Better Homes and Garden special edition, I forget what it was called. The designer was a man who's name I had never heard of nor have seen since. It is DenimStyle yarn. Who makes it? Bernat? This was taken at our old house.
Here's a pretty photo of Charlie from the other day. He looks kinda mad though doesn't he? LOL.

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Sara said...

My two are 16 months apart. Now they are 3 & 4. I get asked all the time "Where do you find the time to crochet and knit?!" You just do. I give the allusion that I'm super fast. No. I just sleep less. :D Cute picture. He's a doll.