Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cake Wreck and secret project

Ok, one more photo from Chickee's sleepover fiasco.... (it wasn't that bad). But this cake is the worst cake I have ever made. I have no idea why it fell apart. I have never had a (box) cake mix fall apart in big chunks like this trying to get it out of the pans. This is a photos before anyone touched it. Putting on the frosting made it fall apart more. They said it tasted ok. I didn't taste it, because generally if it's not chocolate, I don't bother. (why waste the calories?). Ok, back on topic with crochet.

The secret project with the short deadline is coming along well-design wise. As of Tuesday morning (when I'm writing this to post tomorrow) the yarn hasn't arrived. But, I do have some stash yarn in the same style, so I'm swatching with it until the right color arrives. The different color may have a different gauge, but at least I'm working out the mechanics of increasing and decreasing with the stitch pattern.


Jaybird Designs said...

The cake I made for my dh last November for his birthday was a disaster too! And he never lets me forget it!

Sara said...

My birthday cake turned out like that too. I blamed it on the pan.