Friday, May 8, 2009

Cloud Cover baby Revealed

It is in this Leisure Arts book entitled 'All for Baby'.

This blanket was fun... it was practically all border! So, if you like to go around and around, this one is for you! It's made of Caron Simply Soft. Sometimes I love borders and sometimes I don't. When I was crocheting for fun before 1994-2004, I made lots and lots of blankets. When I was crocheting for fun, I wasn't all that worried if my corners didn't magically land in the right stitch. I would just skip a st (or not) to make the corner end up where it was supposed to be. I wouldn't rip and re-do if it didn't turn out perfect. What do you do? Do you rip and re-do or do you ease it?


nifty crocheter said...

I rip and redo...

Cindy AKA ChessWidow said...

It depends.. In something like this with a border, I'll ease it to make it look right. If not, I'll rip & redo. If I mess up the border, I'll rip and redo also... I guess it depends on my mood and if it will show or not.