Friday, May 15, 2009

25 reasons why I love crochet

I don't remember who started this challenge, but here goes, in no particular order....

1. I love yarn
2. I love making something where there was nothing before.
3. I love making something for someone and knowing that every inch flowed through my fingers.
4. I love the repetition
5. I love that it is easy to fix
6. I love how dimensional it is.
7. I love that crochet hooks come in lots of fun colors and shapes and materials
8. I love that it is such a simple craft - just yarn and hook.
9. I love that it is portable.
10. I love that with simple yarn and hook great results can abound.
11. I love that when I crochet in public people respond with, "My (insert loved one's name here) used to crochet!"
12. I love that it is simple enough that a child can learn.
13. I love that it is sophisticated enough that it still can keep my attention as a grown-up
14. I love that it allows me to have a career while I am at home with the kids.
15. I love that it allows me a creative outlet.
16. I love that you can follow a pattern with great results or do your own thing.
17. I love that it has transcended generations.
18. I love that it has continued to evolve and you can do traditional or contemporary things.
19. I love that some artists choose to use it as real art and at the same time, it is used as T.P. roll cover! What a continuum.
20. I love that it gives me a feeling of being productive while I am watching tv.
21. I love that it can be both functional and decorative at the same time.
22. I love that when you receive crochet as a gift, you know it was handmade.
23. I love that you can crochet with almost any fiber or anything really.
24. I love that you can crochet inexpensively or you can crochet luxuriously... it's your choice!
25. I love crochet because it is often a craft that is shared with others... within families, within guilds, within charity communities.

Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be.


Sara said...

I saw this challenge somewhere too. Your list is wonderful. Agree with all of them and a few I didn't even think of.

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

This is excellent! I am dying to learn to crochet. This just makes me want to all the more.

Thanks for sharing!

vintagepix said...

I can see a lot of these reasons applying to so many other "traditional" crafts that have found new life in the current handmade movement - excellent list!