Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Super Speedy Shrug

Me and Chickee, and nephew, Jacob, the day before Easter at Grandpa Dave's dying Easter eggs. I'm wearing the Super Speedy Shrug. Chief was away with Captain at a football thing at Michigan. I'm writing this pattern TODAY. Of course, it may take more than one day... but I'm working on it, along with a dozen other things, LOL. The end of the school year brings, school plays to attend, dance recitals to watch, grandparents' Days' to remember, spring soccer in full swing, and of course, Chickee's First Communion which includes many extra events, tasks and meetings. Through it all, there is crochet!

The Horizon Tote pattern is done, that's tomorrow's task, to get it up and the notice posted here to direct you all to it.


Mary Sarah said...

Your new shrug is great! I love it. Easter eggs with the kids ... how fun!

Mary Anne said...

Your shrug is so beautiful! I love the design and the colour.

It sounds like a busy time of year for you; good thing you have your crochet through it all.