Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Design Journey: Chickee's Dress

Can you see the hint of embroidered 'Lazy Daisy' on the right? And the tiny crocheted flower on the left. I was trying to decide which type of flower to use just above the crocheted waistband/sash. I was somewhat unhappy at the quality of my lazy daisies, but I like how subtle they are. They add just enough interest without being too obvious. I'm going to make 4 or 5 across the front. Wish me luck! I also started taking off the armhole edging and crocheting a cap sleeve in the skirt pattern around the armhole. When I get one done, I'll show you a photo, then I'll decide if I want to keep the cap sleeve or keep it sleeveless. I sewed up the ends of the shrug, so now it has armholes. I need to decide if/what kind of edging to put on it. Decisions, decisions! It's what design is all about. It's what makes every project unique and shows me how much more I still need to do! I hope to finish the dress by the weekend. (That would be a relief!)

I hope you had a great Easter/Passover. We had a nice day here. Of course, no one took a photo of me wearing the Super Speedy Shrug, but I took lots of photos of the kids.

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SKH said...

Oh, how lovely! I love the subtle charm of white on white. Of course, if you decide you don't like the lazy daisies by themselves, you can always sprinkle in a few crocheted flowers with them, at the last minute.