Monday, April 27, 2009


I was seen knitting over Easter.... Just some mindless knitting with great yarn on big needles. This is Lorna's Laces gorgeous Shepherd Bulky. I love, love, love the feel of this yarn. This scarf still curls though. What's the solution? Leave a comment and tell me what I should have done differently. there are 3 garter sts on either edge and stockinette in the middle. My next scarf will be ribbed? I really need to learn how to make a hat. Now that would be progress.


SKH said...

I've got a stockinette lace scarf on my needles right now (to alternate with what's on my hook) and it's rolling inward like a burrito. With that much stockinette, anything's almost guaranteed to curl.

Blocking the living snot out of it should cure that.

Otherwise, a ribbing pattern or seed/moss stitch are both reversible and lay flat without blocking.

linda p said...

I had a customer in with a similar question last week, and I showed her how she could single crochet (or slip stitch) around the edge to make it lay flat.

I don't think my knitting coworker liked that solution, but it works! I love that the 2 can work in harmony.

Sara said...

Looks good! No advice. The only knitting I've done so far is purses with Lambs Pride Bulky and then I felted them, so even if my stitches were awful it all went away with the wash. :D

I've heard blocking does wonders.

Lee said...

More garter stitches at the edge would help it lie flat.