Thursday, April 16, 2009

Design Journey: CAL Tote

First, Thanks everyone for the nice comments about Chickee's Dress. I really feel much better about it now that it has the sleeves on it.

Now, on to the tote! Here's a photo of Tracy's version of the bag, it is 19"x14" (length and width). She used (1) Sensations Blue/Taupe from Joanns 11 oz/ 615 yds *will stretch so she added blue canvas fabric inside.

The handle is: Purse n-aliz-it! One pair 25.25"x.5" vinyl handles *sewed it directly onto blue fabric canvas and not the crocheted tote part.

Great job Tracy! So Tracy followed the stitch pattern, but didn't felt it. She also adjusted the multiples so that the bag would be smaller.

Remember, if you are going to felt your bag, it's got to start out huge, so that when it felts (and shrinks) it will still be large.

Here's a photo of my tote.The pattern calls for: 15 balls of Caron International's "Felt It" (100% wool, 1.76 oz, 93 yds) #0003 Wildflowers. One US I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook.

Before felting: 20" wide x 18" tall x 8"
After felting: 14" wide s 13" tall x 5". Crocheted straps after felting = 24"

Both of the blue "GoCrochet" Horizon Tote photos are the EXACT same bag. I put the handles on first, took the photo, then removed the handles, crocheted and felted the long strap, then sewed it on to the same bag. You can do yours anyway you want! The fun thing about this bag is that it is felted, but it has texture! If you choose not to felt, like Tracy, you can either follow the pattern exactly and get the HUGE before-felting measurements, or you can size it down with smaller hook, smaller yarn, or reduce the number of stitches. I think Tracy "did the math" to size it down for her own needs.

Anyone who wants to join us in the CAL should have their materials by May 1. OK? Also, I will have the pattern for you by then too for purchase of the PDF download. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it. You will be able to print it or save it to your hard drive. The price of the pattern will be $6.00. Everyone who completes the pattern and sends me a photo of the completed project by June 15, will be entered into a drawing for a prize. (I haven't decided on the prize yet, but I've got some great stuff in mind). I'm sorry, but only people in the US/Canada will be eligible for a drawing for the prize. Shipping is expensive :( If I draw a winner from anywhere else, I'll send you a PDF of one of my available patterns. More details will follow as it gets closer.

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