Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crochet in Catalogs

I got the new Chadwick's Clothing catalog. They always have a few crochet items, here's the link to see what they have: Crochet at Chadwick's

Also the new Coldwater Creek catalog has some crochet in it: Crochet at Coldwater Creek. The red cardigan on the second page is kinda cute. Not earth-shatteringly innovative, but cute.

I like to look at these just to see what people are interested in with crochet. Mostly it's edgings, but sometimes you find a piece or two that really showcase crochet. Sometimes I can find where they said crochet, and it's really knit. Sometimes you can't tell.

On a completely unrelated topic... Chickee was inspired by Chief's birdhouses, so she, wanting to be different, researched how to make a "Bat house". She and Captain made this last weekend. Notice how she wrote "Welcome bats" on it. She makes me laugh.

Again switching topics. Many people have asked for the Super Speedy Shrug pattern. So I'm working on it and will post when it's available. Thanks!


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