Monday, June 30, 2008

"Wow! Fantastic" says Chief

When I showed him my amazing piece of knitting. Now, if you are not a fiber fanatic, you may not look at this amazing piece of knitting and think it's so amazing. But, if you are a crocheter or a knitter you can look at this amazing piece of learning and see if for it's real worth!
I started with 3 stitches at one corner, I practiced all the increase types that are shown on including the elusive 'yarn over' then I practiced most of the techniques for decreasing AND I didn't drop one stitch! (Try not to notice the accidental purl row in there where I forgot to pay attention, then I didn't know how to fix it.)

Still, I learned so much in this one evening exercise. Maybe I'll hang it on the fridge gallery! Ok, maybe it will have to go on the 'overflow' gallery AKA the washing machine.

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Jaybird Designs said...

GREAT job!! I've been practicing my knitting too, LOL!!