Monday, June 9, 2008

TNNA part 1

My friends! I'm home from TNNA. The weekend was full of drama and intrigue. I will tell you all about it (well, almost all about it). But first, the kids (and the cat) need some quality time. I will tell you that in the coming days I will be dropping big names, BIG names, and I even have some photos of with these wonderful generous people! I stopped short of getting autographs.... uh, except for a few...

In the meantime, here's Charlie in his crocheted felted cat bed nearly falling off the windowsill! He cracks me up. As Doris Chan would say, he makes me "happy!" (yes, that's a casual name drop, because Doris and I are now like THIS!) Oh, you can't see me holding up my crossed fingers.... let's just say, that we are close enough that she borrowed one of my hooks!

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Anonymous said...

Now that is living on the EDGE!