Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tornado Warnings and Crochet?

What in the world does Tornado warnings have to do with Crochet, you ask? Well let me share! The past two days, we have seemed to have an endless line of severe thunderstorms that have come through and endless news coverage and Tornado sirens blaring.

I so respect Tornadoes that when I was single living in my tiny 1 bedroom apartment with bunk beds for a couch and a folding card table for a dining table, I was the only one in the building who would regularly camp out in the basement laundry room (with my crochet) while the rest of the residents were hanging out elsewhere!

Yesterday it began... the weather looks bad, so I get out my catch all laundry basket and put it by the basement door. I begin, surreptitiously, to place items in the basket as I go about watching the news, letting the kids play the computer, read books or whatever they were doing... a flashlight, my car keys and purse, my cell phone, a pair of shoes for each of us, my hooks, my current project, my camera...

Now, keep in mind, we already have an "emergency" kit packed in the basement with bottled water, canned goods, can opener, candles, cat food (for the CAT silly, not for us!), etc...

Knowing this, I start thinking about crochet... projects, written instructions, back up disks... I have several completed items ready for shipping and the thought of having to re-stitch them.... made me go grab some of the super XL Ziploc bags, and secure the projects in their water-tight cocoons. I hope that if a tornado hits (of course that the family will be safe) but that if my crochet projects get ejected from the house and tossed over the cliff, that they will be safely ensconced in these water-tight Ziploc bags and the last three months of work will not be in vain! I can envision myself rappelling down the cliff and finding fiber treasures perfectly preserved in their plastic armor.

Yes, I know, everything crochet can be re-stitched, and it makes me glad that I have a practice of backing up my work.

Anyway, we got lucky on the tornado front. Here's a tornado of a different sort.... the kids cooped up for two rainy days....

I assure you, both were willing participants in this chaos, and no stuffed animals were harmed in this riot.

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