Monday, June 23, 2008

Goal Review time!

It's June! It's time to review my 2008 goals. How's it going? Am I achieving the goals I set for myself last December? What do I still need to do it get where I want to be? Yes, I write down my goals, and I visit them in June, then I'll visit them again in December and write new goals for the next year. The thing that is important about goals for me is that I am very concrete. I'll write a goal on things that I have control over. Like, "I want to submit 3 designs to company XYX" not "I want XYZ to accept 3 designs". I'll write "learn more about technique...." or "learn to write a PDF file".

The other important thing about my goals is that I don't kick myself if I don't achieve them. I literally will write on my goals sheet, "this goal is no longer important to me" or "I changed my mind, I don't want to pursue this anymore". It's all about being focused for me.

I also give myself credit for things that I did accomplish that maybe weren't on my list at all. I'll add it to my list retrospectively, "woohoo I got this technique accepted" or "I started a blog!".

I usually make goals for each year. But I have to admit, adding a few lifetime goals is tempting.... like having my own line of yarn.... hmmm? Wouldn't that be cool?

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