Thursday, June 12, 2008

TNNA part 4: Hanging out

Whew, my first day of the floor over! It's time to SIT and put up my ripped and crying feet! Here I am with two time author, Doris Chan (with the awesome blue top) and designer extraordinaire, Vashti Braha. Check out their blogs. This is the top I changed into when I had enough of the oh-so bare orange halter top. This sweater is made of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky.
Here are Casey (aka the CodeMonkey) and Jess (aka frecklegirl) as if you didn't know.... from RAVELRY!!! Very cool. Mary Heather skirted out of the photo when the camera came their way! I think she was trying to be polite, but she absolutely is an important part of their team. notice that Casey has a "Bob" shirt on of some sort, but I didn't get close enough to read it for fear that they would call security on me! They were swarmed with people everywhere they went (see the swarm?)


Doris said...

I can't believe we were able to sit upright. Or maybe we are holding each other up. And I REALLY can't believe there is a full glass of wine in front of Vashti. :D

Ellen Gormley said...

Why Doris, whatever do you mean?