Saturday, June 14, 2008

TNNA part 6 coming home

Just ignore my shirt tail hanging out and look at the Editor of Crochet Today magazine, Brett Bara! Crochet Today has been a very successful new magazine and since Brett's been the editor since day 1, she's a big part of it's success. Brett makes my designs look great, and I am grateful. The Knit and Crochet Today PBS show was nominated for an Emmy after it's first season (congratulations Candi Jensen and team!). I know the show will be even stronger next year with Brett as the new host, and Robyn Chachula, Drew Emborsky, Maggie Pace, and Kristin Nicholas as the experts! I'm so glad I can watch the show in my area. It was nice to meet you Maggie! (I would have loved to meet you Kristin, I read your blog all the time! Love the sheep and kitten photos).

I have to say, though I didn't get a photo, I got to meet Candi Jensen! Which, was, without a doubt a highlight of my visit to TNNA.

So, I get home from TNNA to.... a TREASURE HUNT!!! I walk in the door and Chickee had left me a "clue" to go to the kitchen, and another "clue" to go to the freezer and I open the freezer... and there before me is ..... A CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE!!!! yum! She must have read my mind, I had just been talking to Vashti Braha earlier that afternoon about how I need to make a "milkshake cozy"! Too cute. Here's a photo of Vashti saying, "yes, Ellen! a Milkshake cozy is a great idea!" Uh, she didn't really say that, but it is Vashti, and she was talking to me! She's wearing a Doris Chan design. Hi Vashti!

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Anonymous said...

I've really enjoying seeing your pictures and hearing about TNNA. Sounds like it was very exciting. And full of crochet celebrities! I liked the two crochet jackets you wore.

That's a very thoughtful and perceptive daughter you have. Chocolate milkshake cozy - great idea! What about a ice cream carton cozy for those days (like yesterday) when I just have to eat straight out of the carton! My husband says there is never a reason to do that.