Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Useful Baby!

What do you think are the most useful crocheted baby items?

People want booties... in your experience do people use them? I can pass up a great versatile 36" x 36" blanket. You can use it as a blanket, a nursing cover, warmth for a car seat, a play mat on a floor... good stuff.

What about bibs and burp cloths? I think those are awesomely useful and quick and easy to make. And of course... HATS.

Toys? Sweaters only fit so long, one season at best...

What is your go-to baby item that you think gets the most USE?

Since we are talking about babies, here is my nephew, Blake and cousins Molly and Abigail.


Sara Kay Hartmann said...

As a crocheter, I found that my baby blankets made me the happiest as a new mother. I loved wrapping baby up in them, they needed less washing than most other items, they were pretty and comforted me during bouts of postpartum distress. Blankies win! Hats too because now my LO will hardly wear hats (she's 18 mos) and I wish I'd made and had more of them early when she wasn't interested in tearing them off.

Sara Kay Hartmann said...

Wanted to add that my daughter wouldn't wear socks or booties, ever! So those were a big disappointment, haha. I think it's just the cuteness factor--something about tiny shoes and tiny feet, but we sure didn't find booties very useful. :)

Andrea miller said...

I had an idea to make some little baskets to hold various baby supplies. But actually i have really been wanting to make a big laundry basket. If i dont make it in the typical baby colors, it could totally grow with the child, and always be used.

Jodiebodie said...

Bibs (because one never has enough or can never find a clean one when going out) and blankets. Especially blankets. Baby blankets can remain in use until the 'babies' are well into their teens and beyond.