Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mile a Minute

The Design Binge is going well! Theo won't let me turn the page on my color card book.

When you think of Mile a Minute afghans... what do you think? Do you like them? Do you like joining the strips or would you rather crochet them as you go? Are the awesome long portable motifs to you?


Brenda Pokorny said...

I was thinking about these the other day. lol I figured with your marathons to have new patterns designed for runners and I think these fit right in. I would rather attach as I go but there is an advantage to doing each strip separately for traveling or working on them in the summer. Maybe a scarf or a bathing suit cover up?(don't Remember what they are called)

Iesadora said...

I was thinking about mile-a-minutes not too long ago for baby blankets. I love them and have a few that my Mom and Grandma made. But I'm afraid that if I make them for people who didn't grow up with these kind of afghans, like I did, that they will think they are old fashioned. Most of the time I do my crocheting on the go (doctor office/pharmacy/checkout line) so these would be great for me and might get done quicker.