Friday, March 10, 2017

Edging Tip

I've been thinking a great deal about crochet edgings lately.  Can you see what's happening here? I have my first foundation row of a project complete (on the left in dc). Before beginning row 2, I have grabbed a second skein of yarn. On the opposite side of the foundation I have worked Round 1 of the edging I am considering (on the right). I can't turn the corner yet but at least I know that the width of the project is exactly right. When it comes time to determine the side edging... It will be much easier to add or subtract rows in the body of the project to make sure I have the exact number for the proposed edging that I already know works for the first side.

What are your likes and dislikes as it pertains to edgings? Do you like to turn them? Do you like complicated edgings or do you just put a round of reverse single crochet and be done? What's your favorite edging?

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Alexandra Parks said...

I love the look of crochet edgings - they can be so intricate! I will often put crochet edgings on my knitted items. While I loved working the Bruges Lace Scarf in your Go Crochet Skillbuilder book, when I set out to put a Bruges Lace edge on an afghan I found that having to turn the whole, heavy blanket ever four stitches got tiresome VERY quickly. It looks nice, though :)