Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly?

Welcome to the crochet edition of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

First, the GOOD! Many of you found motivation in my post from Monday. If you missed it, check it out here: Give Yourself 15 Minutes. One of my favorite things about fitness is being able to say 'I Did It'. A little bragging, when it's true, is very empowering. If you want to brag about how YOU spent 15 minutes on your well-being... comment and brag to me about it!

Here's my brag:
I did a trail race in January and it was 5 degrees. FIVE. Crazy. To a runner, "crazy" is a compliment. (PS, I do NOT have a thigh gap, I was focused on the snow and my new trail shoes and stood funny because I didn't want to mess up the snow for my photo. A thigh gap is not something I encourage.) (Have you done anything crazy lately?)

The BAD... Ok, so my 40 designs in 40 days challenge is not going so well. (Read about it here if you missed it).  I was off to a great start the first two weeks. Then I sold a couple of the early designs and got busy stitching... which meant that I put my 40 days binder to the side and ignored it for ... two weeks.... (eek).  I pulled it out today and sketched out 3 ideas. So, I'm trying to have renewed effort on my goal.  It happens. We fall off our goals all the time. The key to success is renewing our efforts. (What effort would you like to renew?)

The UGLY... Ugly is such a subjective thing, don't you think?

Sometimes, when I'm tired, I think HILLS are ugly. But then I remember that they are just 'mounds of opportunity.'  (Insert eye roll here...) Corny, but true.

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