Monday, March 27, 2017

Give Yourself Fifteen Minutes

Let's talk a little bit about motivation and discipline, shall we? 
In the crochet business, it seems like 95% of jobs are freelance work-from-home type jobs. It takes a great deal of initiative and follow-thru to accomplish tasks when you are the boss, the designer, the shipper, the marketer, the manager, the supply manager, the communications manager, the accountant, the buyer, all in one. These tasks don't get done unless YOU do them.

Running and fitness and well-being also take discipline and motivation to accomplish. In running there is a common phrase, 'Never judge a run by the first mile'. And it's so true. If you never push through the first mile, you'll never know which mile is your favorite... (hint, it's ok if the mile takes more than 15 minutes).

If you can just give yourself 15 minutes to a task, motivation is usually 15 minutes down the road. I can tell you right now, motivation does not usually reside on the coach. It lives somewhere 15 minutes into a project.  You have to have faith that if you start, motivation will join you. 

So, even if it is a crochet task or chores around the house...don't expect that motivation will come grab you off the couch and say, 'hey let's play'. Commit to 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes you want to quit whatever you are doing, then quit. Most of the time though, I find, when I get 15 minutes into cleaning my office or doing chores or a long run, that I'm in a 'groove' and I'm motivated to finish the task or keep going a little longer. 

Worst case, you have made 15 minutes of progress, which is more than when you started. 

 Also, people are motivating! That's why podcasts are so awesome when you work from home or run alone most of the time. It's awesome to know that there are people out there doing the same thing you are doing at the exact same time! Even if they are miles apart. These are folks from my running tribe. They are every shape and fitness level. Every age from all over the US and several countries. Everyone has their own issues for why they do or don't move. It's a ton easier if you know they are just real people putting in 15 minutes at a time.

What will you do for 15 minutes today to get closer to your goal?

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Thats a really good point you made - thanks!