Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TNNA Recap....

How do I sum up what TNNA is all about? The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) is a professional organization of wholesale yarn manufacturers, retailers, publishers, tool suppliers, designers and teachers who all operate in the yarn industry. There are 3? trade shows per year. I'm told the Summer show is the biggest, but there is also a Fall show (usually in Nashville) and a Winter show (usually in California).  I've never been to the Fall or Winter shows, but since the Summer show is within driving distance for me, I usually get to go.

There are classes, tons of meetings, and the show floor. The show floor is full of creative booths and displays highlighting the yarn, tools, books, and other products that the wholesalers are trying to sell to the retailers. The designers sometimes have booths of their own, trying to sell to retailers, but most of us are walking around seeing the new products, thanking the yarn companies for past yarn support and building and maintaining relationships with everyone!

The colors and textures are overwhelming. There are sweaters and hats and blankets that you have likely seen in print ads and magazines that are on display. 

I even found one of MINE! That I didn't know would be there....

Smoldering Coals Blanket was on display in the Universal Yarns booth. 

NOT connected with the TNNA show, designer, podcaster, teacher, author Marly Bird, hosts the "Yarn Thing Designer Dinner" on Friday night.  She organizes this huge event every year. She lines up TONS of great sponsors who want to put their products into the hands of designers so we can try them, use them, blog about them, etc.  It will take me a FEW DAYS to go through all the great sponsors of the event who gave us swag.

How can I not have a photo with Marly and me somewhere... does anyone have one?

 Here I am with the lovely and talented Rebecca Velasquez, my roomie and dear friend before the dinner.
 These bags by Chic-a were totally a surprise.  I hadn't heard of the company before, but they gave a huge assortment of their products to the designers. I LOVE this blue draw-string bag that I received. It has an oil-cloth bottom for stability and it keeps it clean. I immediately put some yarn in it and a hook and scissors in the inner pocket and USED it the rest of the weekend. PERFECT. When I stopped by the booth to thank them, they gave me this gorgeous little conference badge holder/pouch. So nice!

 Love of Crochet and Love of Knitting Magazines were a major sponsor of the Yarn Thing Designer Dinner. Thank you!
Red Heart sent Boutique Filigree yarn and Ann Geddes Baby yarn. Thank you Red Heart!

More tomorrow!

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