Thursday, June 27, 2013

TNNA More Luscious Yarn Sightings

 Simona Merchant-Dest and I pose Saturday night. She's wearing one of the signature pieces from her new book with Faina Goberstein. I'm also inspired by Simona because she is a runner! 

 Here's more swag from the Marly Bird Yarn Thing designer dinner.  Above is a gift pack from Lion Brand. Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and Romance and a tape measure.
 Yummy Knitpicks.
 Yarnbox! A new yarn subscription service... so interesting! Go check it out.

 I call this Drew Emborsky tote bag the "Ninja Bag" because it zips up the side, you can lay it flat, it has all sorts of convenient pockets and straps. Too cool. You can re-configure the straps to make it into a backpack! Go see the photos of how it works.
Westminster Fibers distributes Rowan, Schachenmayr... and who else... there is another big one...Regia!   They shared this new variety... Boston, with the designers.  One of the first yarns I grabbed out of the bag to play with.
A tri-pack of lovely Cascade yarns, Aran, Longwood and Hollywood. I didn't have a yarn swift at the hotel to ball up this lovely Aran yarn. I am very much looking forward to playing with all three.  

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