Monday, June 17, 2013

Original Creative Festival

Now that I've experienced it, I guess I should tell you about it! The Original Creative Festival came to Sharonville, Ohio this past week.  The festival is mainly quilting and sewing, but even I recognized the famous names of Fons & Fons who were there to teach!  Marianne Fons and her daughter, Mary Fons. Marianne Fons is a co-founder of the Fons & Porter Brand.  I remember watching Fons & Porter on PBS when I was a beginner crocheter.  They had a show called "Sew many Quilts".  It was so inspiring but mainly I just crocheted while I watched!  It was the ONLY creative show on tv. But I enjoyed it very much.  Now, all these years later, I was listed as a teacher right up there with Marianne Fons.  Very surreal.

The things these crafters can do with a sewing machine is just magical.  They make it look so easy! The organizers of the Original Creative Festival want to introduce more yarn craft, and who am I to argue?  Thursday I taught 19 students Introduction to Tunisian Crochet. We had such a great time and stayed so busy in the class that I forgot to take any photos! On Friday I taught 4 brave ladies who came back from my Tunisian Class the day before, to learn Introduction to Bruges Lace.  Carol, in the yellow, is on Ravelry!  You can't go anywhere anymore without running into fellow Ravelers! 

I had a great time, and I'd love to teach there again! Thank you to Silk Road Textiles! They put together all of my class "kit bags" for me at a convenient price for both me and my students.

On a totally unrelated note.... I ridiculously excited about getting all the carpets cleaned in the house.  I guess I really am a grown-up now, because only grown-ups would get excited about cleaning....

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