Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TNNA recap MORE...

 The sponsors were lining up to share their products with designers at the Marly Bird, Yarn Thing Designer Dinner. Above, Classic Elite yarns sent a wide selection of yarns including this one, Liberty Wool, and my other favorite, Color by Kristin, by Kristin Nicholas.
 The adorable Jemma pouch was the gift offered by Namaste bags. It's perfect for notions, small scissors, stitch markers and tapestry needles. It comes in several colors to coordinate with the larger project tote bags.
 The lovely folks at Red Barn Yarn sent these delicious little hanks! What a great way for them to get an audience in a hurry! I hadn't heard of them before... I know them now!  Gorgeous.
 Artist and Graphic Designer, Jill Zielinski of Knitterella makes stationery and accessories for crafters in addition to original patterns.
I've shared about Eucalan before, but it was so fantastic that I'm thrilled to replenish my supply with a new stash with the Wrapture fragrance by Kristin Omdahl.

Throughout the weekend I got to say hi to amazing talented people, here are a few more...

 Back row, left to right, Laurinda Reddig, Simona Merchant-Dest; Front L-R Faina Goberstein, Rebecca Velasquez, and me. :) Laurinda is finishing her first with-a-publisher book, having already written one independently. Simona and Faina co-authored a beautiful new knitting book that is a must-read for a knitter: The Art of Seamless Knitting.

Here I am with the unmistakable Kristin Omdahl. She's not just beautiful and talented... she's SMART. Super business savvy. Keep up the great work Kristin!

MORE tomorrow...

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