Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Decades by Drew Emborsky

I recently had the pleasure of working with Drew Emborsky's new yarns. 

I chose "Iconic" yarn, which is 100% merino, worsted weight. (shown above). It's Superwash and hand-dyed on the USA.
He also has "Inappropriate" yarn which is sportweight Merino and Nylon. (Which would be great for a variety of projects including socks)
"Sarcastic" is a DK cotton/tencel blend. I haven't had the pleasure of working with Inappropriate or Sarcastic yet, but I have heard other designers express their love for both of them!

If I understand correctly, those three above yarns, all come in the Decades colorways. As you might guess they are separated into 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's and are the colors that defined each decade. They have great names that relate to the time period that inspired them. Above is "Blue Suede Shoes" from the 50's decade.  I also have a hank of "Punch Bowl" that is waiting for just the right project.

"Gemstones" is also Merino/Nylon but is dyed in all the birthstone colors (as you may have guessed!) plus black and white.

I really appreciate Drew's concept behind all the yarn and colors.  Like so many of us, Drew noticed that yarns seem to go in and out of style and are often discontinued. By choosing classic yarns and giving them gorgeous classic colors, these are colors we have loved in the past and can continue to love into the future!

I loved the Iconic yarn enough to put it in my next book!  (Not the one the comes out in February... but the one after that....)  :)  

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