Monday, August 29, 2011

Hexagon Thing CAL

Here's the first project I've seen from the Hexagon Thing CAL!  It's by MeanderingHome on Ravelry. She gave me permission to share her headband made of the join-as-you-go Hexagons.

She writes:

I really don’t need to start another project right now, but the concept of a CAL with a design-your-own-project twist really appealed to me. Right now I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I thought the Hexagon looked dainty, so I picked hooked it in thread.
I was planning to make this headband 3 motifs wide, but I didn’t like where that was going. I ended up cutting out several motifs, and settling on one row.
After joining the motifs, I created ties by chaining 4 and slip stitching to each point on the hexagon. I then went over this with 2 rows of double crochet (8 dcs accross). I thinned this down to 3 dc (4 including turning chain) by 3 slip stitches when I got to the end of the 2nd row of 8 dcs. I did 16 rows of 3 dcs. This is how the hexagon headband is tied. I should probably take a picture of this part.

Thanks for joining in!  I'd love to see more Fasten offs.  Rav Mail, FB or email me at ellen @ GoCrochet Dot com.   Tomorrow there will be a book review and GIVEAWAY!