Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Review: Sewing in a Straight Line, Part 2

Here it is! Chickee's modified Easy Breezy Blouse from Brett Bara's new book, Sewing In A Straight Line.  And just like the zipper pouch, I'm sure the second try will go even better.  This blouse is floaty-er and gauzy-er in the book, but Chickee loves the color and we learned a bunch, so it's a success.  As sewing beginners, our sewing projects don't come out of the family 'clothing' budget, but instead come out of the 'entertainment' budget :) We definitely had a great time.


Haley said...

It is super cute! I will have to show Princess1. We have been thinking about making some sewing projects too :o) Thanks for sharing!!

Miss Julep said...

She did a good job! It looks cute on her and the color is especially good with her complexion. Oh and sewing with filmy material for a 1st project is very admirable as the stuff is tricky:)

Looking forward to more hand-sewn fashions.

CupcakeCatie said...

Its looks so cute! She did such an awesome job! : )

Tammystreasures said...

Chickie you are awesome! Talented, smart and beautiful! Great Job :-)