Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goals time!

Where did the first half of the year go?  Last night in live chat, Patsy mentioned goals. That reminded me that I feel like I missed the half-way mark in 2011 in terms of goals. So here we go!

For those who want to be professional:
What we should have done July 1... Printed out or back-ed up your balance sheets. Because you log in your expenses and incomes as the happen, right? If not, get those receipts logged in. 

For everyone:
What were your goals for 2011?  How are you coming on those?  My goal list, as I look back on it now, was alarmingly short and not as detailed as it could have been!  I must have been busy in Dec/Jan.

But what is exciting is all the things NOW that I'm adding to that goals list that I accomplished that I didn't know I would do this year.  (yep, I'll give myself credit after-the-fact).  Like I got to speak at the CGOA's Professional Development day.  Because of this, I learned PowerPoint (that's TWO accomplishments right there!)  I also wrote my first article for a magazine, The Broomstick Lace article in Crochet Today

I also had many goals around learning: I learned circular knitting and made a hat!  I improved my Excel skills (don't know why it took so long to 'click'.) I learned PowerPoint as I said above.

If I wasn't a professional, probably many of my goals would be related to learning, trying new types of projects or techniques. Making a certain number of projects from stash, making a certain number of projects for gifts and charity.

What are your goals for 2011 and how are they coming along?  The year's not over yet, there is still time to re-dedicate yourself to your mission.

Above, a tricky little raccoon that we trapped. It took us several weeks of trying. He's a sly one.  He'd been getting in our trash cans (despite clamps to keep the lid on).  He had managed to successfully get the bait out of the trap without getting trapped for WEEKS. Finally, his downfall was the trap must have slid off the sidewalk and tipped somewhat sideways into the grass. This confused the critter and he got caught and couldn't escape this time!  Don't worry, he's been safely relocated to a more appropriate spot in our area. 


Cris said...

Good post to remind us to look back at our goals.... and I have let one slip by that I need to get crack-a-lackin' on. I want to be published in a crochet magazine or book!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Thanks for sharing your goals Ellen. I have been blogging about mine every week and I think (ok, I know) that I was overly ambitious with my list. Nonetheless, there is definitely something great about sharing our goals publicly and also inspiring others to work towards their own goals! Good to hear that you picked up some more computer skills during the year, too.