Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chain Link 2011 Minneapolis

Minneapolis was a beautiful host city for the 2011 CGOA conference. I had never been before and  I hear it is quite a different city in the winter.  Oh look, here comes Haley Zimmerman walking toward me...
The few restaurants outside of the hotel we tried were excellent.  Above was a fantastic Sundried tomato, chicken pasta Alfredo from the Newsroom.
Haley's husband Jay sent us a platter of fruit from the hotel's service.  That was our breakfast for like 3 days! Thank you, Jay!
We ate a gorgeous little luxurious Mexican restaurant for lunch one day, MASA.  I had a Hibiscus Iced Tea with my lunch (fancy!)

As I stated before, we also visited the Minneapolis Textile Center. Here's Tammy posing in front.  When I go to these conferences, I rarely get outside the conference center because I pack my days and evenings so full with classes and meetings. But it was great to get a few meetings "off campus" this year, and I'm always up for good food. 

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