Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hexagon Thing CAL

Ok, here's the proposed Hexagon. Do you like it? Does that make you want to change your poll answer one way or another? I think you can change your vote.  The instructions are currently with the stitch diagramist getting a drawing made.

What do you want to make? Wait! Don't tell me!  It could be a scarf or skirt, or a cowl, you could make a baby poncho, or a grown-up poncho or garland, or an ornament, or.... use your imagination! 

We'll start the CAL, as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted on when the pattern PDF is available for purchase. In the meantime... will you use your scraps? will you buy new yarn?  What colors will you choose? Will you choose multi-colors or a solid?  If you use wool, remember the felting factor.  The swatch is in 100% wool, worsted weight, Universal Deluxe.  Will you use worsted weight? What about a bigger or smaller fiber? Oh! what about thread and make it a necklace?  Or sport weight and make it a cuff....  It's up to YOU!  And it's a Mystery to me!  Once the pattern is up, you can start a project page on Ravelry and start uploading photos. 

Can you "see" the hexagon shape? Make a imaginary line from the long "points" all the way around and the outline is a hexagon.  What does it look like to you? A flower? A snowflake? Will that influence your yarn and color choice? Oh this is so exciting!


Maria said...

I still love it! This might be just the thing I need for my sister's Christmas Present

CrochetBlogger said...

Not what I was expecting in my mind, I think, but I like it. I have an idea of what I want to make and I know I'll be using up some yarn stash but not sure about anything else yet. How fun!

Hugbuggal said...

Very pretty! It's not the hexagon I was picturing in my mind, either, but it's very feminine - I like it ... now what project to do, what to yarn choose!

Jennifer said...

Would a DK, 3 category yarn work with this motif? I'm on board creating ________. (blank to be filled in after a gauge and a few motifs are created.) Great idea!
Jen in So Cal