Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tour Stop: Crochet Mama's Blog

Here's a blog that might be new to many of you. Naida writes the Crochet Mama's Blog. Naida and I have much in common as we are also avid readers.  She also writes a book lover's blog called The Bookworm.  She posted about my book on both of her blogs today.

In today's post, Naida will show you yet anther motif that you may not have seen yet.  It's a hexagon that was one of the very first motifs I designed for the book. Matter-of-fact, I think it was in my original proposal.  She also shows a photo of the Gray/Orange blanket, Reflected Sunlight.  It's a join-as-you go design and something about that octagon motif I just love.  I'm going to have to find another way to use it somewhere.

So, go check out Naida's blogs and her Etsy store, you might find that you've made a new daily stop to your daily blog-reading itinerary.

Thanks Naida!
Today, I'm preparing for TNNA in Columbus.  It's the industry trade show where the yarn manufacturers show off their new yarns and sell them to yarn stores. The event is not open to the public and doesn't have a "market" to sell yarn. It is, however, a very important weekend for me business-wise.  I'll be having a book signing on Sunday, hoping to get LYSs to carry it in their stores.   Next week, I hope to have lots of great new products to show you here on the blog. I have 3 new garments I'll be wearing at the show, you might get a photo sneak peek of them as I show photos from the event. 

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