Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Comparing your work to the work of others...

Here's a great little article I just ran across.  Many of you might find it helpful when you get stuck in the mire of comparing your work to that of others. 

Christen Doing the Work

Here's your new motto:  "Create Something"
Chief did a little performance art at the pool the other day. Drawing his skeleton with zinc.  Ah, Fun with Sunscreen. Now, THAT is creative.


Ripples In Water said...

Thank-you for posting that article, such a great reminder. We might not admit that we know the answer to 'how did they get so good' but on some level we all know that they did the work. It's easier to piss and moan that we'll never be as good as such-and-such then it is to sit down and spend the time doing the work.

I find myself in that same boat quite often. Friends will tell me that I should sell the stuff that I crochet and my response is usually along the lines of 'oh no its not that good, I'm still learning.' But I'm thinking to myself 'why would anyone want to buy my stuff when there are tons of much better things out there.' Really its not that there are better things, just more experienced people. I just need to keep practicing.

April Garwood said...

Thank you for posting that Ellen! That was good for me to think about.

Cris said...

Oddly, I only compare myself to others (to a numbing level) with my painting.

Thank you for the link to the article. I needed that :)