Thursday, June 30, 2011


What do I do with all those swatches? Oh, bad kitty, sitting on all my swatches.
There are good swatches and bad swatches, big swatches and little swatches.  Generally, I attach the swatch when I make a proposal for a project.  If the buyer wants the project, I don't get the swatch back.  That means that I have either make a second swatch to keep, or I have to have a GREAT photo or instructions of it so I can make it again.  Swatches that I don't submit, generally those are approximations toward getting the swatch right.  I might unravel those to get an educated guess on how much yarn the motif will need.  Ugly swatches either get thrown out or get thrown out.  If I'm still thinking there is potential, I'll keep swatches in a basket to see if it inspires me later.  Swatches for items that become projects, if I happen to have it, I'll put in the file with the contract/instructions/invoice and stuff.  Sometimes if I've grown attached to it, I tack it to my cork-board over my desk.  I can always use them as coasters, right? Under cool glasses of water in the summer?  Put them under the legs of the dining table to protect the wood floor? 


Maven said...

If the swatches are all of a similar size, you can crochet around them in black, then join as you go, for a scrap-'ghan. Or make little pouches for small gifts or amulets. Or little pillows and blankets for doll houses. Or join a few together to make cozies for tea pots or small appliances. Stuff them with cedar shavings and lavender and make sachets to give as gifts, or keep in your yarn stash to keep your yarn smelling fresh and keep moths and other bugs out of the stash pile.

CrochetBlogger said...

Like Maven said there are tons of great uses for swatches if you decide that you want to use them. Putting them back to back to make small gift bags is another idea. But I love that sometimes they go on the inspiration board - genius!