Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Socks for me!

Look what Christine sent me! My first ever pair of handknit socks! And a pretty candle and a bottle of Euclan wool wash. Thank you so much Christine! These are going to become part of my have-to-get-major-crocheting-done ensemble along with my 'Crochet Rocks' t-shirt and shorts.

Don't you just love nice people?


Mihaela Nica said...

Modul in care folosesti culorile e magnific .Te felicit pentru creatiile tale !

Sara said...

That is so awesome! What a nice gift!

a simple quilter said...

That's how they look on my feet too!

If you find yarn you want knit into socks...send me a skein and I promise next time it won't take as long to get them done.


Grace said...

How neat! I know how to knit but I am terrified to use double-pointed needles and such. I'd be willing to learn if I had someone to teach me in person.

I love them! :) She did a great job!