Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polymer Clay buttons

Last week, the kids and I followed Linda Permann's tutorial on how to make Polymer Clay buttons!Chief had great color mixing skills and found of way of pinching and pulling apart the balls of mixed colors before they got too muddy.
Chickee became an expert at rolling the clay in a thin layer and cutting them with one of her play-doh tools.
It was a fun easy project, but I wouldn't say that it is good for children who are perfectionists or easily frustrated. Luckily, Chickee and Chief were in an amiable mood and didn't compete or fret over who's buttons turned out better. We bought the clay at the craft store and used play-doh tools for rolling and shaping. We used a tooth pick to make the holes for the buttons. The baking sheet was lined with parchment paper. We baked the clay according to the package instructions, something like 275 F degrees for 15 minutes.

And yes, Chickee is wearing her 'made by Doris Chan' sweater. She wears it often (and well too, I might add).


TheHMC said...

I'm SO going to try this with my kiddos before summer is over! Thanks for the info.

I love the's gorgeous and she Does wear it well. I want one!

Grace said...

How neat! That looks like so much fun!

Kat1e said...

I do love her sweater! :)