Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CGOA conference 2010 Part 2

Wednesday morning of the Knit and Crochet Show was Professional Development Day for the CGOA.

Robyn Chachula, the Professional Development chairperson, introduced the day and asked me to speak briefly (and spontaneously, I might add) about the Mentor program. Then author, designer, Kristin Omdahl, spoke about her journey into designing. Her second book, Crochet So Fine debuted at the conference and her third book, a knitting one this time, will be revealed very shortly. Her touching story left everyone wiping a tear and happy about her triumph using knit and crochet to finance a life for her and her son.

Lily Chin, author, teacher, designer, spoke about her experience teaching knit and crochet. She has written several books and taught knit and crochet all over the world. She offered some great tips.

The afternoon was split into breakout sessions. Each session was offered 3 times for one hour each. I had the honor of being asked to teach about the 'Business of Crochet'. The photos above are of my first session attendees. Notice there is one row of chairs around the table. By the third session, I had a full two rows of people crowded around and I was thrilled. You know that feeling of throwing a party and briefly you wonder if anyone will show up? Thank you all for coming to my party.

Other topics for the break out sessions were about writing books, teaching challenges, using social media, contract crocheting, design inspiration, designing for publication, etc.

It was a FULL day of information sponsored by Lion Brand who provided breakfast and an afternoon snack. Through out the day, as a group we were able to collect over $900 for research for a cure for Lyme Disease. Also, during the session, attendees made squares for Warm Up America from yarn and hooks donated by Lion Brand.


DianeG said...

I love that you all donated for Lyme disease and made squares! Thank God for the work you all do as professionals!
P.S. It was such a thrill to meet you on Saturday night!

Sam said...

It was a great session! Thanks for sharing your tips and experiences with this aspiring professional. :)

Amy Shelton said...

Ellen, your class was fabulous! I led a breakout session at last year's Professional Development Day, and had the same fears of "throwing a party" and having nobody come. I was so scared that I'd be the lone instructor in the room with nobody wanting to talk to me. But like you, I also had a double row of chairs at the third session of the day. Wasn't that a thrilling feeling???

Anyway, I was very glad I chose to attend your breakout session. I learned a lot. Plus, everyone in my session (the one in your pictures) seemed to be having a lot of fun!