Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cincinnati Zoo

Grandpa Dave.... you probably don't want to scroll down after the photo of me with the kids... :)
We love the zoo. When we lived closer we used to have a membership. Now we don't get there as often, but we still love it! Here is Chief with the giraffes. A giraffe photo is always a given on every trip since my Mom was obsessed with giraffes, as a result they have become very special to us.
Chickee feeding a lorakeet.
Well, hello, handsome fellow.

These crocodiles made me laugh! Sleeping in a pile like cats. (yes, they were sleeping)
I love the polar bears!
Me and the kids! I wish I had noticed sooner in the day just how many animals have a variety that is a black and white color combination... the zebras (obviously), lemurs, birds in the aviary, skunks, various monkeys... and our cat! Chief was so brave in this next photo....

It's a full-grown Brazilian Rainbow Boa. The handler was so interesting. Thanks again to the Cincinnati Zoo, every time we go, we are never disappointed and there is always more to see and learn.

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Sara said...

We love the zoo too! Great pictures! The snake would have freaked me out.