Monday, August 10, 2009


What you see here is a play-doh volcano, after the minor eruption of vinegar and baking soda. Just a little diversion for the kids while I work. Here's my desk:I actually crocheted at the pool yesterday and I think I learned a few tips about crocheting in hot weather:

bring small/portable projects
Have a large bottle of ice water handy, not only to drink to stay cool, but to rinse and cool off your hands.
Keep a clean towel handy for just your hands
Get in the pool periodically to cool off
Hold your project to the side rather than resting on your body.
Sit in the shade if possible so that your arms, reaching across your body, don't leave a white mark where the sun didn't hit...
oh, yeah, wear sunscreen, even if you don't wanna...

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Sara said...

My kids are still too little to crochet poolside. What do you do about sticky yarn or needles from the humidity? I find my acrylic just grows burs or my wood crochet hook does, not sure which.