Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boy's Vest Revealed...again

Sometimes I write posts ahead of time and then forget about them... here's this one again... haha. Imagine how forgetful I'm going to be in my older age! Here's the sneak peek again....
And here's Chief modeling the finished project. He couldn't decide between the football buttons and the safari animal buttons. Typical for a 6 year old boy, still a little guy, but growing so fast! The football ones fit the holes better. This pattern comes in sizes 2 (4, 6, 8). Chief is modeling the size 6. He was not a very cooperative model, I have to say. You should have seen the photos that I discarded.... oh, ok, I'll show you one. Look at this grumpy face!He looks like he's practicing for a Calvin Klein Ad for something deep and brooding. We could call this one "Preoccupation" or "Un-cooperation!". Or he could be a Ralph Lauren ad where they never smile but look so serious all the time as if they are pondering life's major problems. It's in the new issue of Crochet Today Sept/Oct 2009.


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

I just got my copy of the magazine. My Knight will not wear vests but I am going to make it in purple - either with a light purple trim or pink?- for my Princess! It will be perfect for layering. In case we "the fans" haven't said it in a while, Thanks for all your great designs!! Have a great day!--Haley :o)

Susan said...

Good colors on Chief. Blondes always seem to look in dark green.
Ralph Lauren he comes Chief... He's the look down pat. ;-)
I'll look for that Crochet Today in Kroger today. :-)

Anonymous said...

Can you post the instructions for this pattern now that the magazine is out of print?