Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crochet Rocks!

Chief and I share a love of pretty rocks. I don't know why they charm me, but I really like them. These are a handful that Chief bought at the Lexington Children's Museum. At Dollywood there was a huge variety of pretty rocks for sale ranging in price from $.30 to $400. or more. There is something timeless and steady about rocks, even these delightfully frivolous polished ones. Do you like rocks too? Margaret Oomen has a pattern for "Lacy River Rocks" in the new issue of Crochet Today. In the past, I have also seen Gwen Blakely Kinsler dapple in the practice of crocheting adornments for rocks. Here's Gwen's Ravelry page for her Mossy Zen Rock Garden, which was published in Kooky Crochet in 2007.

I have a T-shirt that is black with white script and it says, "Crochet Rocks". Some might say, "Why would you crochet a rock?" Apparently Gwen and Margaret would say, "why not?".

Crochet Rocks!


Krystal said...

I love pretty rocks too and so does my niece. She collects them.

And Dollywood is 30 miles away from me! :) I don't go there that often tho. Its been several years since my last trip.

Yarn Princess said...

I'm not far from Dollywood either, - just across the valley to the west - but haven't been there for years. I'll be meeting a friend from England, a pointy sticker, over that way in a couple weeks but forgoing DW and the malls, Strictly a social visit.

Funny you mention the "Crochet Rocks" shirt. I've seen several of them and I crochet tons so you would think that I would understand that one but my brain is so warped and literal that I ALWAYS think "Why would someone crochet rocks?" :))) I'm just weird. But I want that shirt!