Monday, August 17, 2009

End Weaving and Sneak Peek

Hi All, Here is a rather dramatic photo of the back side of a project where you can see the end woven in. I use a Chibi yarn needle, I weave the needle through the bottom of some stitches in one direction, I then, thread the needle and pull the end through. Then I repeat this by bringing the tail up a round (I could have just as easily gone down a round) and weaving the needle in the opposite direction. Then I cut the leftover yarn. This takes about 3" of tail. Generally, it is always best to weave the yarn end into the same color. But sometimes it is not possible. I could have woven the blue end through the chs of the blue round, but I was afraid of how that might make it more bulky. When weaving it through a different color, it is important that you then flip it over and make sure that it doesn't show on the front side of the project. This could have been done a little more discreetly by weaving it through the first and second round of yellow. here I have it through the 2nd and third round or so.

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Susan said...


I Just looked at your agllery of tihngs you made... That win bottle cover looks great. We give wine a lot of times at parties. I tihnk I'll figure out a way to make that... :-)



Susan said...

( no need to publish unless you want to. )
Talk about SLOPPY / BAD spelling... LOL I must have been in a hurry when I typed that.

I just wanted to make sure I didn't upset you when I said I was going to try and copy it or get a free pattern for it on line

~ Susan

Sara said...

Is there something special about a Chibi yarn needle? Weaving in ends is my least favorite part.