Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chickee knits

I taught Chickee to knit about a year ago. She has taken to it much more easily than crochet. However, I taught her to crochet at 5. Now she is much older, has better dexterity and she seems to enjoy it more. She only knows the knit stitch. She is making a garter stitch scarf. She occasionally increases a st on accident. I'm not sure how to help her stop doing this, so instead I taught her how to k2tog so she can compensate, but it doesn't really prevent her from adding stitches. I'm really proud of her commitment to the scarf, she has about 10" now. Charlie likes that seat on the couch most of all, so he was willing to share it with her rather than not get to sit there at all. I think he was asking her, "when are you going to get up?"


Susan said...


Did she just now start to knit? I know she alerady crochets. Cute picture!!!

~ Susan

Tracie said...

I like the look on the cat's face (who looks like our Katrinka). :)

fracksmom said...

i found knitting easier as a child, and if you tell her to make sure the stitch went all the way over it will help.

Sara said...

Go her! Love Charlie's face.

tammystreasures said...

LOVE it! Yeah Chickie!! Actually, Charlie looks very interested. Have you tried to teach him?