Monday, July 13, 2009

Secret Weapon

Chickee decided to join the swim team this past week... three weeks into the season... So we had to rush around and find a plain black swimsuit in time for her first meet Thursday night. Chief didnt' want to swim on the team or practice with the team, so we didn't sign him up. Thursday night arrived and after a 2.5 hour rain delay the meet got off to a start. Chickee placed in 3rd with her relay team and she got a "best effort" ribbon in her individual freestyle race. She did great and we were so proud of her. She is going to develop into an excellent swimmer. When the boys in Chief's age group got on the blocks, Chief said he wanted to swim too. The coach grabbed Chief by the hand and put him on the blocks and bang they were off! I couldn't believe it! I was so thrilled that he wanted to swim and thrilled that the coach took advantage of the opportunity and let him! Chief wasn't really eligible to win anything, but he got a "best effort" ribbon and was happy. So now, Chief is the swim team's "secret weapon", so secret that not even the team knew about it! He didn't notice that he was the only one wearing a bright blue lizard print swimsuit amidst all the black speedos.

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Anonymous said...

Wow good for him! Swimming is a fun sport and you can earn a whole lot of ribbons and aads if you practice eeveryday. I quit 2 years ago and got a lot of ribbons, I stated when I was 4, quit when I was 12. If they keep practicing they can win plaques and trophies and medals also! And staying on the same team is the best because they become like you second family! But I moved and had to go on a new team and it just wasnt the same. So after 2 years of it I quit :( But its fun and they may complain about practicng (I did) but its worth it at meets! :)