Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crocheting in Public

Today, I am hunkering down to write patterns. Patterns I should have written last night, but I took the kids to the Cincinnati Reds game instead. Chickee's classmate had tickets for 5 other kids and all their families. And it was ladies night! All the ladies got pretty brown baseball hats with a pink "C" on them for Cincinnati. I crocheted all through the game. Here's the link to the photographic evidence. Chickee is wearing the blue/purple combo (she dresses herself). Chickee is sitting on my left in the dark blue.

The above photo is Chickee with a friend's dog, Bella. It is for all you dog-lovers out there who have to endure endless photos of my cat.


Susan said...

I bet that was fun at the game... even if we did LOSE. :-) At least you had a good time with friends. You even nice weather. ( Those Pink and Brown hats are nice. I like that color combination. Actually, almost anything with pink is nice.)

With all of the pictures of Sissy through out my blog, you have to know I love dogs. :-) She's my little partner in Crochet.
But I think her favorite part of Crochet is when I'm done with a project and I can just "PAY ATTENTION TO HER AGAIN ". :-)

~ Susan

Sara said...

I like the hat! I knitted in public yesterday at BW3's in Rookwood. No stares or jeers. ;)