Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chief's Sculpture

Captain turned Chief loose in the work shop the other day... here is the result. He looks proud though, doesn't he?

Me, I'm pretty busy. I've been getting information ready for the Professional Development Day at CGOA's National Conference which is in Buffalo, NY in August. I'm preparing some basic information about the Mentor program which will be going out to all the participants. I've been sending out submissions and writing patterns. I just stitched an item the other day that I simply must make for myself! Oh how I wish I could get the items back after I sell them! The buyer could even keep it for a year to show it off, take it to shows, etc. Then, I'd love to have certain items back. Some buyers give items back, but not all.

What else have I been up to? I've been working on the book in between deadlines. We'll see how well it is working to write a book and try to maintain my usual projects at the same time. I think it will eventually come to a 'crunch time' when I won't be able to take any new projects unless I get some help. If only Chickee were more interested in helping out with the family business!

90% of what I am doing for the book right now is swatching and writing from swatches. I'm also working on the actual writing at times. I find that I write better in front of the computer, and since Chief tries to monopolize it and Captain gets it most evenings, I'm afraid much of the writing will either have to be done by hand or will wait until Chief and Chickee are back in school.

Have a great day!

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