Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goals! (Charlie groans)

Charlie heard me mention "goals" and "tallying receipts" and other mid-year tasks! He groaned, "How can she be so organized!?" It's a business. Who's going to take me seriously if I don't? Some of you may have groaned too when you saw my goals from 2004 or heard my call to attend to goals in July. Why wait a whole year to find out if you are reaching your goals? Why not check-in every so often and see what adjustments need to be made? As you may have heard me say before, and I'll say it again.... goals are not commitments. If you don't reach them, then there either was a problem with the attainability of the goal, or the goal wasn't necessary to begin with. I give myself permission to change my goals along the way if they need to be changed. I don't feel like a failure if I change my goals. I feel like a failure when I don't try. The only regrets that I have had for crochet in the past 4 years have been when I have lapsed in the effort I have put forth. There is one compilation project that I wish I had put more effort into submitting to, but I didn't, and I missed it.

Unfortunately, what I am not organized about is all my swatches/drawings/notes. Their everywhere. I haven't found a system that I am comfortable with yet.

Now, back to work!

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